Do you have a deficiency in testosterone? The common symptoms are weight gain, low sex drive, depression, fatigue, thinning of skin, loss of body or facial hair, wrinkling of skin, weakening of the muscle and bone and irritability. Low testosterone level would cause the development of more serious diseases that can affect the sugar metabolism of the body that can cause obesity and diabetes.


You must know that you can replace the lost testosterone through Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is done through testosterone injections, use of patches or creams. The HRT has been used successfully by so many men out there for increasing their sex drive and the muscle while decreasing the fat and improve the energy levels as well.


But, you should know that the prolonged use of this testosterone therapy can increase the risk for hair loss and can destroy the brain cells as well. Moreover, it has been studied that high doses of testosterone would increase sleep disturbances that raise the risk for heart disease.


If you would not go for the risks which are linked to HRT, then there are a lot of natural testosterone supplements which you can find over the counter. You can find them in the health food stores. A popular supplement is the Testarol that is a natural supplement which would help in increasing the testosterone levels. Such would use natural ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris and also Beta-ecdysterone to help improve the physical performance and to elevate the testosterone levels. You must know that there are other supplements that you could also go for.


There is also the ZMA which is a natural supplement for boosting testosterone that contains Magnesium aspartate, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Mono methionine aspartate. Such is not testosterone itself but instead a combination of minerals and also vitamins.


Rather than using the supplement or HRT, you can raise the testosterone naturally by eating foods which are high in protein, low in fat and by exercising regularly. You can also raise the hormone levels through losing weight. According to studies, an overweight person would have a higher chance of depleting the testosterone level.


Also, eating fruits, peanuts and vegetables can be beneficial. Know that exercise can also naturally raise the levels of the hormones particularly when doing strength training exercises. You should also limit alcohol consumption and you must get enough sleep too.



Prior to trying any of the over-the-counter supplements or the herbal testosterone supplements, you have to make sure that you talk these things with your doctor. Even those natural herbs as well as supplements can have side effects or may cause adverse reactions with the other medicines that are you are going to take.